Don't Take the Risk. Remove the Tree.

Don't Take the Risk. Remove the Tree.

Dead or dying trees can fall and cause property damage

Large trees on your property can provide beauty and shade, but they must be maintained to prevent issues. At Townsend Tree Trimming, LLC, our experts are ready to remove dead or dying trees to keep your property safe and beautiful. We'll also take care of downed trees after bad storms.

Don't ignore these signs that your tree needs to be cut down:

  • Holes in the trunk: Any weak spots should be checked to see if the tree has internal damage.
  • Missing bark or deep cracks: These are called cankers and also indicate a possibly compromised tree.
  • Dead or falling branches: This is a sure sign of a problem and should be checked out.
  • A leaning trunk: A shift of more than 15 degrees usually means the tree should be removed.
  • Losing leaves from the outside in: This usually indicates root damage.
  • Rotten roots: Look for mushrooms or fungi growing around the base of the tree.
  • Tight branch growth: These V-shaped branches can indicate a weakened tree.

If you notice any of these issues, make an appointment for our inspection and removal services right away. Call 301-904-5853 for an estimate.

Trust our cleanup services to leave your lawn spotless

Once a tree has been safely cut down, our team will clean up the area. It is always our goal to make sure not even a leaf is left behind. We can cut the tree into firewood lengths, if you like, or haul the debris away. Our team is efficient, quick and cost-effective.

Trust the experts at Townsend Tree Trimming.