Healthy Trees Are Happy Trees

Healthy Trees Are Happy Trees

A little extra care goes a long way

Whether you planted your trees or inherited them with your home, they need the right care to remain healthy. Townsend Tree Trimming, LLC knows how to take care of your trees. Regular trimming is very important, but there are a few other things we recommend to keep your trees beautiful year after year.

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What is the best care plan for your trees?

Understanding how to care for your trees and providing the right care for them will guarantee you have gorgeous trees for decades to come. The right tree care is comprised of a few different things. Our list of tree care services includes:

  • Tree injections
  • Fertilizer spikes
  • Fortification against the wind
  • Bracing and cabling
  • Regular trimming

To choose the best plan for your specific trees, one of our tree experts will come out and take a look at your trees.

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