Let Us Grind Away That Eyesore of a Stump

Let Us Grind Away That Eyesore of a Stump

Turn tree remnants into gardening mulch

If you're tired of looking at or tripping over an old stump, trust Townsend Tree Trimming, LLC to take care of it. All we need is tractor access to the site. Our grinder will get rid of that stump in no time, leaving you with nothing but mulch. Once we fill the hole with the mulch or topsoil, it'll be like that eyesore of a stump was never there.

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Why should you remove that old tree stump?

If you have an old stump that's been hanging out in your yard for some time, you may be wondering why you need to have it removed. What's the problem with a simple old stump?

Here are some of the reasons we recommend removing it:

  • It causes new tree growth: An unattended stump can sprout new tree growth around it; however, these are not usually healthy trees. It's best to remove all of it.
  • It's a safety issue: Children or others can trip and fall over stumps left behind. They can also damage your lawnmower.
  • It attracts pests: Insects like beetles, ants and termites like decaying stumps but can cause severe problems for your home.
  • It's an eyesore: This reason is simple. You don't want a rotting stump ruining the look of your garden.

Once your old stump is gone, your yard will look cleaner and will be safer for children and guests. Ask about an appointment as soon as possible.